Tester Korea Haul


I’ve read a lot of good reviews regarding testerkorea, so I decided to try it myself. The good thing about the shop is you can order samples in a very fair price and the prices of the products here are somewhat lower from other korean skincare/makeup online shop. The only downside of this shop that I can think of is the shipping because it’s kinda expensive, the cheapest costs 13 dollars, but it’s a good deal especially when you’re buying a lot of items.

I selected the 13 dollar shipping without a tracking number. I read from a forum that their order was shipped a week after they paid for it and the order arrived 2 weeks after it got shipped, so basically, the estimated waiting time is 3 weeks, testerkorea usually ships your item a week after you order it, my order got shipped exactly seven days after I placed it so I expected it to arrive after 14 days after then my order arrived on the 9th day, Yay for me! maybe it varies on where you are located.

So this is what I bought from them:

  • Etude Moistful Collagen Emulsion (Sample Size)
  • Innisfree apple Juicy Cleansing Kit (3 Items – Sample Size)
  • Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (10 piece pack – Sample Size)
  • Laneige New basic trial kit (Sample size)
  • Innisfree green tea balancing skin toner (Full Size)
  • Innisfree green tea fresh cream (Full Size)
  • Innisfree no sebum mineral powder (Full Size)
  • Ciracle COSRX Acne Pimple Master (24 Patches)
  • Etude House I need you mask Honey
  • Tony Moly Im real mask sheet Aloe

I also got free samples:

  • Missha
  • Too Cool For School
  • Skin Food
  • Enprani

I’ve been wanting to try the korean skin care skin care routine so I bought sample sizes of the items Im in doubt of, with a few full size items that I got  convinced with the reviews I’ve read, if you notice all of my full size items are from innisfree, I trust innisfree so much because I’ve always been a fan of their products ever since the first time I tried them.